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Wanderer Luggage Tag Mystic Black
Regular price $65 USD
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Color / Material Mystic Black / Re-plastic Leather

Proudly made of recycled materials


The Wanderer Luggage Tag is a sustainable travel accessory crafted with eco-consciousness in mind. Made from innovative Re-plastic Leather meticulously crafted from recycled plastic bottles, this luggage tag combines style with a commitment to environmental responsibility. The Wanderer Luggage Tag is not only a statement of your wanderlust but also a testament to your dedication to reducing plastic waste. The durable and resilient Re-plastic Leather material ensures longevity, withstanding the rigors of travel while offering a luxurious look and feel. Embark on your adventures knowing that you're making a positive impact on the planet.


Weight: 0.6oz or 17g
Length: 4.3" or 11cm
Width: 2.6" or 6.5cm
Fits a 2.2"x3.1" or 5.5cmx8cm card inside.


Sustainable Re-plastic Leather made from upcycled plastic bottles

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