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By Tiffany Zhou May 3,2024

From the Heart: Crafting a Sustainable Future for Our Children with Mon Coeur

By Tiffany Zhou

Just after Earth Day and in anticipation of Mother's Day, I visited Mon Coeur's office—a beacon of sustainable children’s fashion. As a sustainable brand founder myself, I was eager to understand the unique perspective from another brand that, although different, shares a similar mission.

OLEADA thrives as a sustainable work bag brand, rigorously sourcing eco-friendly materials and ensuring a long cycle of product life through our robust recycling program. We believe a handbag should not only serve its owner but also the environment.

Mon Coeur, from its inception, has embodied sustainability, accessibility, comfort, and style. Louise Ulukaya, the founder, defines it succinctly: "In 2024, sustainability isn’t an option—it’s the essence of living." As entrepreneurs, we shoulder the responsibility of integrating sustainable practices throughout our supply chains.

The fashion industry, notorious for its environmental impact, generates 2.1 billion tons of CO2 annually and is the second-largest consumer of water. Our duty as founders extends beyond commerce; we aim to benefit the planet as much as our customers.

My handbags provide a stylish, lightweight solution for professional women to carry their essentials, including laptops, while remaining environmentally conscious. Similarly, Louise’s designs do more than clothe children; they empower parents to choose sustainable lifestyles for their children, right from the start.


Louise’s deep-rooted commitment to sustainability was inspired by her childhood in France, where environmental consciousness was part of everyday life. "Growing up in France, my mom was so attentive to the environment," she told me. "To me, living sustainably isn’t a separate lifestyle—it’s just living." This philosophy is something she passionately passes down to her children.

The challenges of sustainable shopping, including higher costs and less accessibility, highlight the broader implications beyond environmental concerns. About 75 million people work within the exploitative conditions of the fashion industry's supply chain, emphasizing the need for ethical consumerism.


<Louise and I were discussing the sustainable denim supply chain.>


Both Louise and I prioritize affordability while sourcing high-quality, sustainable materials. Our efforts aim to reduce our brands' carbon footprints and educate consumers on the benefits of slow, thoughtful purchasing.

In the end, I discovered that the message we’re both trying to push is simple but profound: promoting a sustainable lifestyle as an antidote to fast fashion, and that’s deeply from our Coeurs.


My last question for Louise was about her hopes for her daughter. "I want her to understand that women have the capability and strength to wear many hats," she responded. "I want my daughter to be raised as a strong woman who faces any challenge head-on."

This vision is precisely what OLEADA embodies, making our collaboration not just a partnership in business, but a shared mission from the heart.



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