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Our Recycling Pledge

Our Recycling Pledge

Our Recycling Pledge

Our Recycling Pledge

We believe in second chances.
Fashion accounts for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity. While functional, high-quality fashion products are essential to our lives, we believe recycling is the core of a more sustainable future. Explore our recycling philosophy and celebrate conscious fashion with our planet in mind.

Renovate: Engineered recycled leather used in every bag

By using recycled materials to make all our bags, we minimize our carbon footprint from the very first step of sourcing. Discarded plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, fragmented leather scraps from mass production, by-product waste from the food industry... Through research and collaboration with material innovation partners, we are able to make full lines of beautiful and functional handbags of recycled waste materials.

Reduce: Ethical construction inside out with the purpose to last

It’s the details that make a difference. We do our best to use more eco-friendly materials in our bag construction even in places you will never see. We replaced the widely used plastic filler with a more biodegradable plant-fiber filler, which makes our bags easier to decompose and recycle.

Recycle: Thoughtful recycling reward, double win for you and our planet

Your used OLEADA bags can be recycled as well! We invite you to join our recycling program and get a reward for sending your bags to us for proper recycling.

As a brand inspired by the ocean, we pledge to do our part in creating a more sustainable world by reducing our impact on the environment through innovative recycling. Join us in our recycling pledge to do good while looking good.

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