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Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program

Our Recycling Program

"Why shouldn't I toss my bag into the trash can?"

While used handbags can take up a lot of space, you should not toss the used bags in your curbside trashcan. The only proper way to recycle your bag is to send it back to the manufacturer for decomposition and recycle each component respectively. Recycling a bag might look easy but it is actually not. Some materials such as buckles, zippers, and metal hardware, are not decomposable in landfills. Without proper recycling, they can release harmful toxins into the environment.

"What happens when I decide to join the Recycling Program?"

Painless process: Our team will generate a recycling label for the return, so you can easily send your used bag back to us hassle-free.

An attractive reward: You will receive store credits worth 30% of the item value you paid as a reward for being a trooper in preserving our environment. You can use the credits on any future purchase with us.

Do good to the planet: We will properly disintegrate the bags for decomposition and recycling. The recyclable leather parts might even turn into new Re-scrap Leather bags in our coming collections!

Please note that only OLEADA products purchased through our brand website ( are eligible for the Recycling Program. We are not able to recycle products from other manufacturers.

Your story with the bag might have ended, but not ours...

1. We will transform the insights into product upgrades.

With an engineering approach, we constantly look for ways to improve our designs to make our bags smarter and more durable. Your used bags can tell stories. Our technicians will examine the condition of the recycled bag with a focus on wear and tear. This will provide valuable insights for us from actual use that might lead to meaningful improvements for our next product upgrade!

2. We will use the recycled materials on new products.

We use recycled leather from everywhere to develop new Re-scrap Leather styles, including our own. After recycling your bag, our technicians will identify the useful leather parts and group them with other deadstock and leftover leather scraps as the basic materials to make new Re-scrap Leather bags. So a part of your old bag might reappear in another OLEADA bag - how exciting!

3. We follow a comprehensive disposal protocol for non-recyclable elements.

There are, though, some elements of the used bags that might not be recyclable. We work with respectable waste management partners for the proper disposal and decomposition of these parts, making sure that the non-recyclable parts will have the least impact on our environment.

Learn more about our Recycling Pledge

The Recycling Program is the final step to closing the loop of our circular economy. Through recycling, we pledge to do good while making sure you look good.

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