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The First Coral-saving Laptop Sleeve

Did you know: a native species in the indo-pacific, Lionfish is a significant invasive species in the west Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, and Mediterranean Sea?

As a result of human error in the late 1980s, a handful of lionfish slipped undetected into Atlantic waters off the coast of Florida. Fast forward to today, the invasive lionfish has completely taken over the Atlantic Ocean from Boston to Brazil to Barcelona. Everywhere they appear, they destroy coral reefs and oceanic food chains.

Invasive Lionfish affect over 42+ million livelihoods in the Western Atlantic Basin that make their living from coral reefs. Invasive Lionfish in these regions not only destroy native biodiversity and the health of the coral reef systems but also destroy the livelihoods of local fishermen by killing off the fish they catch for a living.

To raise awareness of this dangerous threat to marine eco-systems and to enable the precious coral reef ecosystems to rehabilitate, we partnered up with INVERSA Leathers, a sustainable leather company that specializes in removing certified destructive invasive fish from the ocean and making them into beautiful and practical leather to launch a special addition to our Captain Sleeve family: the Captain Sleeve Plus.

"These laptop cases are made from the skin of invasive ocean predators"
Sustainably Sourced, All Around
Just like other Captain Sleeves, the Captain Sleeve Plus is made of premium sustainable vegan leather that is upcycled from discarded plastic bottles from the ocean. Each Captain Sleeve Plus is made from an equivalent of 34 plastic bottles. Thanks to our partner INVERSA Leathers, the center of the plus edition features a luxuriously textured leather patch made from invasive lionfish in the Atlantic, a token of your contribution to a healthier marine ecosystem.
Friendly to Your 15-inch Laptop
Designed for those who take on the world with larger devices, the Captain Sleeve Plus is a generous upgrade from its 14-inch counterpart, fitting up to a 15-inch laptop or a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Scratch, stain, and water-resistant, the Captain Sleeve Plus will protect your laptop and important work documents effortlessly.
One Sleeve, Double Duty
The Captain Sleeve is much more than a laptop sleeve. With a foldable magnetic back design, the Captain Sleeve Plus converts into an adjustable stand in a second that allows you to use your laptop on the go without compromising your comfort.

By removing invasive lionfish predators, we enable the precious coral reef ecosystems to rehabilitate. For each lionfish, we can protect up to 70,000 native reef fish. Using the leather from invasive lionfish allows the reefs to rebuild from this destruction.

Explore Captain Sleeve Plus, a double win for fashion and the ocean.


Find out how the Captain effortlessly elevates your laptop experience.

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